Commercial Power Distribution

Commercial Construction

PCX specializes in commercial power distribution for the commercial construction market. Significant improvements in cost and schedule can be realized by incorporating an offsite fabricated electrical solution into your next project.

Key elements that are impacting the way
Commercial Buildings are designed and delivered are:
  • Integrated Project Delivery
    Utilizing a collaborative environment allows you to integrate 3D design BIM solutions early in the construction schedule.
  • Accelerated Construction
    An "offsite" fabricated solution accelerates access to permanent power which contributes positively to the overall construction schedule.
  • Difficulty in Finding Financing
    Today's financial environment means that cycle time is that much more important. "Offsite" modular construction can contribute to offsetting many of those risks
  • Deskilled Work Force
    The ability to find skilled labor can be a challenge based on the season and geographic considerations. The utilization of an "offsite" solution reduces the reliance on skilled labor .
  • Site Waste
    LEED certification requires consideration of site waste in the commercial construction project. "Offsite" manufacturing can reduce the site waste component of an electrical/mechanical solution by up to 95%.
  • Safety Concerns
    Personnel safety is an issue on all projects and becomes a portion of the risk in building any structure. Minimizing site labor reduces safety risk exposure and insurance liability.
Predictive Cost and Schedule

The pre-manufactured or "offsite" manufacturing concept saves time and money because it is performed in parallel, concurrent with the building construction. The customer can have a fully-equipped and tested electrical distribution center delivered to a job site ready and waiting for the slab to be poured. All PCX systems are engineered to meet requisite U.L. requirements and are fabricated to customer approved specifications resulting in predictive costs and scheduling.

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