Modular Data Centers

Modular Data Centers Modular Data Center Interior

PCX specializes in mission critical modular data center support subsystem integration such as UPS systems, chillers, IT enclosures and backup power generation.

PCX can provide a custom engineered data center enclosure or an ISO containerized configuration.

Major corporations have outlined a new vision of utilizing offsite fabricated modular and/or containerized solutions to reduce engineering and construction time for new modular data centers.

Key elements that are impacting modular data center design and delivery are:
  • Modular Data Center Construction
    Modular construction provides consistent quality and reduces an owner's risk of installation while reducing size and engineering costs.
  • Scalable Capital Investment
    Building only the portions of the modular data centers when you need it are critical to saving critical capital in today's financial environment.
  • Faster Depreciation
    The modular approach to data center development allows the customer to potentially depreciate the system at a more accelerated rate because the system is viewed as capital equipment rather than a "brick and mortar" solution.
  • Deskill Worksite
    Delivering pretested solutions requiring standard connections to the data, power and cooling infrastructure reduces the skill level required on site. This is very important when considering adding data center capacity in remote locations.
  • Accelerated Cycle Time
    With the rapid expansion of data storage, (3) year build cycles are no longer acceptable. A modular approach can accelerate the data center development cycle by months.
  • Disaster Recovery Packages
    Modular containerized power distribution systems allow the customer to implement temporary solutions much faster than the traditional "brick and mortar" systems.
Modular Data Centers

PCX understands that modular data center systems might also be shipped globally and by using ISO containers can satisfy the market's key objectives of being both deployable and mobile. PCX also recognizes that delivery is mission critical.

While containerization has its advantages, it may not be suitable for every application. In some cases a container becomes too restrictive in effective design of complex power systems. Each project needs to be evaluated for design optimization during the concept phase.

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