A Short History of PCX Corporation

PCX was founded in 1993 with a singular purpose of providing prefabricated electrical distribution centers for the commercial construction industry. In 2002, the company transitioned to private ownership with a focus on Delivering Predictive Profitability® to its customers, and enhancing its product offerings to include modular data centers, as well as power equipment centers for the industrial/utility markets.

Over the years the company has continued to invest in new technologies, processes and product offerings to further advance the value of modular solutions to its customers. In 2008, the company introduced FLX-Power™, a U.L. listed custom integrated electrical switchboard that could be delivered complete and factory tested in a matter of weeks. This was soon followed by FLX-EDC™, a U.L. certified electrical distribution center for commercial applications requiring early permanent power. Later, the company introduced its FLX-PEC™, a Power Equipment Center design for certified and factory tested medium voltage applications in the industrial and utility markets. The company achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2017 with a quality statement of “Meet the Customer Specifications”, “Deliver on Time”, and “Continual Improvement to Reduce Costs”. In recent years, the rapid global growth of data centers and their voracious appetite for electrical power and cooling has led to a modular approach to optimize CAPEX and operating costs. To meet this challenge PCX introduced its FLX-MDC™, a scalable U.L. certified modular data center that can reduce the total cost of ownership by improving the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), and allowing capacity to be added commensurate with the customers’ compute requirements. While PCX has been designing and manufacturing custom skids, enclosures and containers since its inception, the E-Houses and custom buildings produced today have grown in both size and complexity, and can offer an additional degree of modularity by being connected and stackable by design.

By continuing to provide customers with innovative solutions, in a timely manner, the company’s customer base has grown over the years; and today, PCX’s prefabricated modular systems are successfully operating throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Since its founding in 1993, and even more so today, PCX remains committed to Delivering Predictive Profitability® to each and every customer.

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