PCX ships four (4) 1MW Solar Skids to St Michael’s, Minnesota

PCX Corporation is pleased to announce that it has recently shipped four (4) solar inverter skids to St Michael, MN for the Ernst Solar Garden project.  Each inverter skid was 1MW and consisted of a 1,300 KW central inverter, 1.3MVA medium voltage transformer, a power grid solution metering cabinet and additional SCADA and relay control panels.  PCX Corporation was chosen due to their engineering expertise and ISO 9001/2015 factory integration facility.  PCX’s fully integrated factory-built skid-based solution eliminated significant field construction labor typically associated with building an inverter station.  The skids significantly reduced the owner’s costs by replacing the high field labor rates with more efficient and lower cost factory labor.  Moreover, the skids were delivered to the site as a “plug n play” solution allowing the customer to focus their attention on other critical items thus accelerating the critical path timeline.

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