Starting the Modular Data Center Design Process

In our last post, we talked about modular data center structural integrity. In our next series of posts, we want to help you understand some important modular data center design considerations.

Just to recap, a modular data center is a system of engineered, prebuilt modules that offer scalable data center capacity with multiple power and cooling options. Modular data centers are increasingly being marketed to users as a rapidly deployable and energy efficient alternative to traditional data center designs, and can be designed in formats utilizing custom walk-in enclosures, skid-based systems or standard ISO shipping containers.

It’s documented that modular data center construction can reduce the total installed cost over traditional construction by 15 percent. Moreover, modular data centers significantly reduce the construction timeline from years to a matter of months.

The benefits are numerous. Yet when it comes to data centers in general, one size typically cannot fit all. Therefore, each system must be defined based on an array of power, cooling, and IT requirements.

Actual modular data center designs are application specific. But four pieces of information really drive every design decision in this regard: 1) How many kilowatts per rack are being used?; 2) How many racks will be installed?; 3) Where will the data center be geographically located for cooling design?; 4) What levels of redundancy will be required? With these four pieces of information in hand, the design process can be implemented and completed successfully.

At PCX, we offer four modular data center system configurations:

  • Power Modules
  • IT Server Modules
  • Cooling Modules
  • All-in-One Modules

The type of unit required for your system will be defined by your requirements. In the posts that follow, we’ll examine each one of these configurations in more detail, and highlight some of the specific considerations that drive their design.

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