Why Offsite Fabrication?

Advantages of Offsite Fabrication

Offsite fabrication is a process which involves the design and manufacture of complex assemblies and/or modules where the fabrication occurs at a remote location normally away from the work site.

The typical benefits of offsite fabrication are reduced construction cycles, improved space utilization, and lower costs due to reduced change orders. To capture the full benefits of offsite fabrication, a project strategy must be employed that will change the orientation of the project process from the construction to the manufacture and installation.

PCX offers two major types of “offsite” solutions:


Here, the offsite solution exists outside of the actual building envelope or as a standalone structure. Examples include:

  • Outdoor Electrical and Mechanical Distribution Centers
  • Power Equipment Centers
  • Penthouse Mechanical Systems


PCX can manufacture rooms, work cells or other solutions that later make up part of the total
volume of a project. Examples would include:

  • Plant Equipment Rooms
  • Electrical and Mechanical Distribution Centers
  • Modular Data Centers

Benefits of Offsite Manufacturing

  • Reduced construction cycle time
  • Standard and consistent quality
  • Predictive costs and predictive schedule
  • Avoidance of weather delays
  • Factory commissioning reduces punch list items
  • Less skilled labor required at work site
  • Reduced safety risk at site
  • Reduction of material waste at site
  • Early permanent power
  • Reduced overall construction costs


Typical Time Savings of Prefabricated vs. Conventional Construction