Free eBook: Protect Your Workers from Arc Flash Hazards

Are you adequately protecting your employees from arc flash hazards? Approximately five arc flash hazards burns are treated daily in North America. When a person is within close proximity to the arc flash, serious injury, even death, can occur.Implementing an effective safety program, including performing an arc flash study, can substantially reduce risk for your employees who work with live equipment.

Our ebook, “Engineering Challenges of Performing Accurate Arc Flash Studies,” provides a step-by-step guide for performing arc flash studies to help make sure your employees are safe.

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We’ve compiled tables and software screenshots to help make this daunting task easier to understand. In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why is doing an arc flash study so important?
  • Overall concerns and challenges
  • Industry standards
  • Detailed breakdown of each step in the process
  • Analysis of data
  • Common mistakes

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Need assistance with an arc flash study? PCX is here to help. Our qualified staff can conduct an onsite arc flash study that can help ensure the safety of your personnel.

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